We are manufacture and import best quality producst. We are not compromise with quality.Our first motive is the best services to the customers

Sanitary Napkins/Sanitary Pads for women

We supplying best quality Cotton Hygienic Sanitary Napkins. Our sanitary napkins specification are : No irritation & no infection, 100 % cotton surface,100 % leakage proof, Top sheet made by natural cotton and feel soft & silky. Anion strip in the sanitary pads helps Enhancing Immunity, Anti inflammation, Anti Bacteria and Improving secretion. Our sanitary napkins are totally Sterilized and infection free. We supplying all size of sanitary napkins and our quality is more better in cheap prices.

Hnady Reaper/Crop Cutter/Agricultural Harvester/Brush Cutter

Our handy reaper is a topest quality product and most popular in small farming technology field. We have available modles of handy reaper 2 stroke and 4 stroke. Available power of gasoline engines are 26cc, 42.7cc and 52cc. Our handy reaper is multi purpose cutter. This is best equipment for cutting of all types of crops. This is also best for cutting of all types of grass. You can design your garden or park by this handy reaper.this is also best for cutting of all types of trees.

Mini Tractor/Power Tiller

Mini Tracto/Power Tiller is a diesel engine oprated best equipment for small farming. You can cultivate the land by mini tractor/mini rotavator in short time and cheap cost. It is only consume 500ml to 800ml diesel in per hour. This is 9hp diesel engine and with of rotavator/tiller is 4 feet. You can reduce the with of tiller up to 2 feet. You can attach the power genrator for genrate electricity, Raeper for cutting of all types of crops, Suprayer for supray in fields and trolly for small transportation also.

GSM Mobile Motor Starter

Mobile Motor Starter is our new product.We can attach this Mobile motor starter to the Electric Motor Starter. One GSM mobile sim is inserted in mobile motor strater. You can oprate the tubewell motor anywher from the world. You can only missed call on this GSM Mobile No and tubewell motor will start automaticaly. When you second missed call on this mobile number, then your tubewell motor automaticaly stop.If any other person start your motor, this mobile starter inform you by sending SMS to your rgistred mobile no.

Artificial Grass/Artificial Garden

We are supplying best quality artificial grass and latest design of artificial plants. Our top quality grass is look as natural and this is long life products. We are supplying many types of artificial grass and many colors of grass. We can design very attractive artificial garden in the small home also. We provide all types of artificial plants and grass. Artificial grass is very beautiful and long life than natural grass. Maintenance of artificial grass and artificial plants and artificial flowers is 0%.

Power Sprayer

We are providing best quality imported power sprayer. Our power sprayer is available in 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. We supply brass body of pumb and aluminium body of sprayer pump. We can supply every type of power suprayer on demand. We promise best quality in cheap price. Our power sprayer's quality is more better then available in market. Our prices are very cheaper then market. We supply on time and not delay.

Electric Vehicle

We supply top quality chargeable electric vehicles. These electric vehicles are totally pollution free. We supply electric scooter, electric motor cycles etc. These are totally economical and silent. These low costs maintenance electric vehicles are going popular in whole world. Electric vehicles more cheaper than petrol and diesel vehicles. We can supply all types of electric vehicles like electric scooter, electric cycles, electric cars etc. We provide the long life battery in these vehicles.