Handy Reaper



Handy Raper/Crop Cutter/Aghriculture Harvester.

Specifications of Handy Reaper
our handy reaper is multi functional cutter for cutting of all type of crops like paddy, wheet, jawar, barseem, rice, sugarcane ect and also use as lawn remover. this reaper is based on japan technology, best quality and low cost.

Maximum speed of Gear Shaft- 7000/9000

Engine speed (r/min) -7000/9000

Type: Automatic centrifugal clutch, Spiral bevel Gear, Drive shaft

Idle speed (r/min)- 2500 + or - 50

Speed Reducing Ratio -1.25

Blade Rotation Direction Counder-Clockwise (seen from top)

Type of Handle- Double Grip

Engine Type- Air - cooled :2 stroke ; Vertical, Piston value ; Petrol engine

Displacement- 42.7cc

Maxirrum output (HP)- 2.10HP @ 8000RPM

Carburator Diaphragm-type

Method of starting -Recoil type

Fuel used Petrol mixed with a T oil (ratio 25:1)

Fuel tank capacity (L)- 1.2 L

Fuel Consumption -610 (g/kw. h)

Net weight (Kg)- 8.4 kg

Length of the main pipe section (mm) -1500

Length of the drive shaft section (mm) -1522

Standard blades 3 teeth blade, 80 teeth blade, nylone blade

Attachments -Crop falling device