Mini Tractor


Mini Tractor/Mini Rotavator/Power Tiller


Our Mini Rotavator is very useful for small farmers and horticulture. This is multifunctional tractor. All attachments as rotavator, cultivator and reaper can be attached in this machine. This machine is very fast and cheap other equipments.

Unique Drive System

The drive gear design is incorporated into the latest diesel engine which will greatly reduce vibration and noise.

Fuel System Technology :

Fuel systems assure high efficiency operation. The precision machined and precisely timed injection pump and the direct-injection design leads to lower fuel consumption and reduced tailpipe emissions. The engine meets current and proposed EPA emission standards.

Advanced Noise-reduce Design :

The high efficiency muffler system greatly lowers exhaust noise. With the addition of the advanced design air induction system, intake noise is reduced to a low level. The design or the cylinder block, engine cover, and valve train all combine to reduce engine noise levels.


Model : KM186F

Type Single-cylinder?vertical?air-cooled?4-stroke?direct injection

Bore×Stroke (mm) : 86×70

Displacement(L) : 0.406

Compression ratio : 19

Rated power/ Rated speed (kw/r/min) : 5.7/3000 6.3/3600

Lowest rotation speed at zero load (r/min) : =1300

Lubricating system : Pressure splashed

Starting system : Recoil starter

Rotation direction(face to the output axle) : Anticlockwise

Fuel type : Diesel

Fuel tank capacity (L) : 5.5

Fuel consumption/related rotation speed (g/kW.h/r/min) : 275.1/3000 281.5/3600

Lube oil type : CD grade

Lube oil capacity (L) : 1.65